Silicon Valley investing slump continues, fewer startups get funded

Experts say activity isn’t likely to rebound in the near future to the highs hit in 2015, but that’s not necessarily. – Hacker News

How to Solve the Engineering Shortage

In between taking my geritol and feeding the pigeons, I came up with a brilliant idea to solve the tech industry’s talent shortage AND its diversity problem: Hire more old people. The rationa… – Hacker News

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Inside the Site Teaching Islamic State Supporters How to Use Encryption

A 34-year-old man from Cardiff was arrested for creating videos offering cybersecurity tips that were then posted on an Islamic State supporter site. – Hacker News

April 2nd, 2017 Uncategorized

Dropbox as a GitHub Alternative

Want the benefits of private, distributed version control but don’t want to pay GitHub’s subscription fee? Or simply don’t trust GitHub… – Hacker News

How Sensors, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Agriculture

Forbes Welcome page — Forbes is a global media company, focusing on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and lifestyle. – Hacker News


Hindi-DateTime-Parser – Extract the Date and Time related phrases from the sentence written in English Manner and Hindi Language (Hinglish) and tells the exact date and time correspondingly. – Hacker News

How to upgrade from OpenWRT to LEDE

We will upgrade Tp-link WDR3600 router with OpenWRT to LEDE firmware in this tutorial. – Hacker News

Android O teases big changes to save your battery

We’ll get more details on the next version of Android in May, but for now here are a few tidbits. – Engadget

March Madness is back in VR, but it will cost you

Games from the Sweet 16 onward will be available live in VR, if you’re willing to pay for them. – Engadget

Twitter triples suspensions of pro-terrorist accounts in one year

Its transparency report also reveals Turkey’s attempts to stifle free speech. – Engadget

Google announces the Android O Developer Preview

A background processing lockdown, picture-in-picture for phones, and a faster runtime. – Ars Technica

Muni broadband customers could lose service unless a new bill becomes law

North Carolina bill would solve one problem, but leave ban in place in rest of state. – Ars Technica

President Trump signs NASA advisory bill, says it’s “about jobs”

On deep space: “That sounds exciting. But first we want to fix our highways.” – Ars Technica

Dealmaster: Get a burner phone number from Hushed for $25

Plus new deals on TVs, gaming laptops, smart home devices, and more. – Ars Technica

Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas Is You is becoming a movie and it should start like this

Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” is being turned into a movie. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Universal is adapting the modern Christmas standard into an animated film based… – The Verge

Uber’s attempt to block Seattle drivers from unionizing has failed

A Washington state judge put the brakes on Uber’s attempt to block the city of Seattle from implementing a landmark law allowing freelance drivers for ride-hailing companies to unionize, according… – The Verge

Everything review

Everything is a stew of contradictions. It’s slow and it’s thrilling. It’s silly and it’s clever. It’s strange and it’s familiar.
Everything was created by artist David OReilly, who worked on the… – The Verge

Android O will limit what apps can do in the background to save battery life

In the ever-constant pursuit of better battery life, Google is planning to limit what Android apps can do in the background. On Android O, which the company announced today, apps will be limited in… – The Verge

Twitter is ramping up its fight against extremist accounts

Twitter said today that it removed 376,890 accounts for promoting terrorism during the final six months of 2016, showing a serious increase in the company’s efforts to knock out extremist profiles.
… – The Verge

Twitter’s tenth transparency report shows massive scale of fight against extremism

The latest in Twitter’s transparency briefs shows how much terrorism effects the flow of social media and what the company has been doing to help combat the threat on its popular platform. Twitter released it’s tenth transparency report today, which covers the back half of 2016. The report includes information on legal requests the company has received, … – The Next Web

Sideways Dictionary uses hilarious analogies to explain boring tech terms

It might not be as useful as the popular Merriam-Webster or your favorite slang companion Urban Dictionary, but Sideways Dictionary is so much fun. – The Next Web

Whoops! EU’s copyright reforms might suck for AI startups

EU’s copyright reforms include unfortunate side-effects that might hamper the growth of startups built around AI, machine learning and big data. – The Next Web

In push for more live video, Twitter officially announces the Producer API

Confirming earlier reports by The Information and here at TechCrunch, Twitter officially announced the launch of a new tool for live video aimed larger media.. – TechCrunch puts a financial twist on reinforcement learning to outperform hedge funds

Despite mystery and intrigue, the reality is that most hedge funds don’t make money. This hasn’t stopped a growing list of startups from trying their hands.. – TechCrunch

DeepScale raises $3 million for perception AI to make self-driving cars safe

According to the World Health Organization, human error causes more than 90% of traffic accidents across the globe. Some 1.25 million people die in.. – TechCrunch