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What are the best websites a programmer should visit?

Here is the list of some finest resources available on the Internet, which a programmer should visit once. Blogs Coding Horror The Codist Martin Fowler Matt Might Me, Myself and Mathematics On Coding Peter Norvig Project Nayuki Stuff you need to Code Better! Coding Style Guides CS 106B: Programming Abstractions…

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Solved – Magento 2 Admin URL not found and Loaded Front-end is all messy

Sometimes after installing Magento 2 in Ubuntu, linux or wamp server. Admin url shows 404 error after installing  and frontend design is all messy and css is not linked to it. Error visuals are shown below : To solve this first of all, apply proper permissions, enable apache rewrite_module and…

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December 19th, 2016 Magento 2, PHP