Silicon Valley investing slump continues, fewer startups get funded

Experts say activity isn’t likely to rebound in the near future to the highs hit in 2015, but that’s not necessarily. – Hacker News

Amazon’s Music VP Steve Boom will tell TechCrunch Disrupt how the future sounds

Alexa voice control and Prime’s subscriber base have suddenly made Amazon a real contender in music alongside Spotify, Apple and YouTube. But can a streaming.. – TechCrunch

NASA’s pop-up robot can tackle tight spots where rovers can’t reach

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) is pretty much a non-stop source of amazing things, and the latest is the PUFFER, or Pop-Up Flat Folding Robot. The.. – TechCrunch

Google launches the first developer preview of Android O

It’s been just about a year since Google unexpectedly announced the first preview of Android Nougat. Today, the company is launching the first developer.. – TechCrunch

UK also bans large electronics on flights from 6 Middle Eastern and Northern African countries

After the U.S. today instituted a ban on bringing any electronics larger than a smart phone into the passenger cabin of direct flights that leave from ten.. – TechCrunch

Compose Enterprise Reloaded

Compose Enterprise is back and better than ever. Fully managed and dedicated to your conquest of the data layer. Today, after months of development, we are pleased to be re-introducing Compose Enterprise. Compose Enterprise adds the option of using managed hosts that are dedicated to your own Compose cluster so – Hacker News

“Sexual Harassment Doesn’t Happen at My Company”

The following post is entirely my personal opinion and should not reflect on Uber at large. – Hacker News

Inside the Hunt for Russia’s Most Notorious Hacker

Slavik was like a phantom, stealing money from US banks—and information for Russia’s FSB – Hacker News

Shopify’s E-commerce Revolution

From the ­unlikely setting of Ottawa, Tobi Lütke has ­quietly been building a powerful selling machine. – Hacker News

Why Americans have come to worship their own ignorance –

Author Tom Nichols argues that people are angry at journalists for giving them what they want: pared-down stories tailored to them – Hacker News

NASA’s origami robots can squeeze into places rovers can’t

They could be used to explore the parts of Mars a full-sized rover can’t reach. – Engadget

Android O’s developer preview is here

We’ll get more details on the next version of Android in May, but for now here are a few tidbits. – Engadget

When inspectors swoop in, hospital staff save more lives

Largest gains seen in teaching hospitals that have reputations on the line. – Ars Technica

The Android O Developer Preview promises better battery life, faster apps

A background processing lockdown, picture-in-picture for phones, and a faster runtime. – Ars Technica

A state ban on muni broadband could be lifted—in only two towns

North Carolina bill would solve one problem, but leave ban in place in rest of state. – Ars Technica

I love this 45-minute Instagram Live tutorial by Rihanna

Last night, Rihanna used Instagram’s relatively new Live feature to live stream herself watching her Bates Motel debut, surrounded by some friends and some drinks. You can watch the whole thing on… – The Verge

Sony’s new Xperia L1 features a 5.5-inch HD display and Android Nougat

Sony announced a new smartphone for North America yesterday. The Xperia L1 is a pretty standard midrange Android device that features a USB-C port, runs Android N, and comes in pink. These are all… – The Verge

The Hidden Time watch uses an optical illusion to trick you into focusing on the present

Smartwatches are all well and good, but sometimes the stress of notifications pinging and screens constantly lighting up is all a bit much. Sometimes it’s nice to just put on a regular watch and… – The Verge

Adidas pop-up lets shoppers design a sweater using laser body scans and light sensors

A pop-up Adidas store in Berlin is offering customers the chance to design, create, and purchase a sweater in just a few hours, Reuters reports.
First, the shopper enters a dark room where a laser… – The Verge

Apple blackmailed by hackers over stolen photos and iPhone credentials

A mischievous band of hackers is trying to extort Apple over a large trove of stolen iPhone credentials, including iCloud and other Apple email accounts. – The Next Web

Help us help: 20 used smartphones to fight Female Genital Mutilation

Every week, we’ll pick a charity doing something worthwhile using tech, and break down what they do, why that matters, and most importantly, how to help. – The Next Web

Hooray! The 16GB iPhone is dead!

Apple’s spring clean has blown away a few annoying cobwebs – TechRadar

Apple’s learn-to-code app Swift Playgrounds adds 5 more languages

Along with the reveal of a new 9.7-inch iPad and new red iPhone, Apple also announced today that its learn-to-code app Swift Playgrounds is now available in.. – TechCrunch

Reddit plans a profile page redesign reminiscent of Facebook and Twitter

Reddit has been trying to make its site more accessible to a wider pool of users, and today the company is planning to show off one of the ways that it plans.. – TechCrunch


networked-aframe – A web framework for building multi-user virtual reality experiences. – Hacker News