Silicon Valley investing slump continues, fewer startups get funded

Experts say activity isn’t likely to rebound in the near future to the highs hit in 2015, but that’s not necessarily. – Hacker News

Hyperloop company begins building its first passenger pod

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has commissioned a capsule for a future route. – Engadget

You can now order emergency booze and food using Prime Now on Alexa

Amazon’s free two-hour delivery service, Prime Now, is now available on Alexa. That means that if you’re a paying Prime subscriber and own an Alexa-supported device (like the Echo or Echo Dot) you… – The Verge

Google revamps policy on ads and offensive content after UK YouTube boycott

Google has announced a series of changes to its policies on advertising and hate speech, after several major brands pulled their ads from YouTube earlier this week. In a blog post published on… – The Verge

Voice assistants are funnier than we give them credit for

Apple may have put the voice assistant Siri in our pockets, but Amazon made Alexa part of the home — and soon to be part of basically every gadget you’ll ever own, from alarm clocks to cars to… – The Verge

After YouTube boycott, Google pulls ads from more types of offensive content

Google is pulling display ads from being placed alongside a wider range of content on YouTube and other sites, in the wake of a spike of criticism that its.. – TechCrunch

Deeplink adds in-app search assistant for iOS that mimics Google’s Now on Tap

Deep-linking technology has been making its way progressively into the mobile ecosytem, providing an easy way to take users from one app to a specific point.. – TechCrunch

Beekeeper, the mobile-first communications platform for non-desk workers, raises $8M Series A

Beekeeper, the Switzerland and U.S.-based startup that provides a mobile-first communications platform for employers that need a better way to communicate.. – TechCrunch

My understanding of IPFS – IPFS is all about sharing • r/ipfs

TL;DR. IPFS is just a more convenient p2p software/protocal/network than others, that you can identify resources with unique hash. But the only… – Hacker News

GitHub now lets its workers keep the IP when they use company resources for personal projects

The new policy is called the Balanced Employee IP Agreement (BEIPA), and GitHub is—of course—going to open-source it. – Hacker News

Gates Foundation’s rose-colored world view not supported by evidence

Gates Foundation annual letter paints a picture that is so selective in its use of facts that it amounts to propaganda for a failing industry. – Hacker News

Chef recreates old Polish recipes

We proudly present to you our film about Polish chef Maciej Nowicki. We wanted to tell the story of someone who digs deep into a culinary identity of Poland. That… – Hacker News

Does a startup need a Code of Conduct? We think so. – Saveboost stories

Developing a product implies being responsible to it’s users and doing what’s right when nobody is watching. Now that most of the services… – Hacker News

Microsoft Modifies Windows 10 for China’s Government

Microsoft has finished development of a Windows 10 version customized for Chinese government use, which could boost its China prospects after sales were hit by Beijing’s cybersecurity crackdown. – Hacker News

New ARM Chip Architecture Promises Big Boost to AI

Forbes Welcome page — Forbes is a global media company, focusing on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and lifestyle. – Hacker News

iCloud led authorities to journalist’s Twitter attacker

The accused sent a journalist a strobing image which allegedly triggered an epileptic seizure. – Engadget

ARM’s new chip design focuses on AI and machine learning

ARM has unveiled its next generation of processor designs, a new microarchitecture named Dynamiq. Chips built using Dynamiq will be easier to configure, says ARM, allowing manufacturers to connect… – The Verge

New Gorillaz album partially leaked due to password fuck up

Several tracks from the new Gorillaz album have leaked, including Saturnz Barz. – The Next Web

Apple Store goes down as Apple teases ‘something special’ – maybe new iPad

Apple has taken down its online store as the company is prepping to show fan boys and girls ‘something special’ – and it’s coming very soon. – The Next Web

Alexa now takes orders from Amazon’s instant Prime Now and alcohol delivery services

After embedding its Alexa voice assistant into its main Amazon app last week, this week Amazon is expanding Alexa’s functionality yet again: today the.. – TechCrunch


awesome-deeplearning-resources – Deep Learning and deep reinforcement learning research papers and some codes – Hacker News

End-user app testing and the holiday season

end user testing of a mobile app & the holiday season – Hacker News